Need Your PC or Laptop fixed? Having issues with the internet or connecting a device to a network? Did you accidently delete important files? Are you looking to redo your whole office Network? Is it running slowly, Viruses/Malware? I am offering my services for a fair price, lower than retailers (Best buy, Office depot, Fry's) I won't charge you by the hour but a base payment of the problem. Plus most places will charge you for a Diagnostic of your System which I will run for free!! Send me an email of your problem and I'll get you fixed up and fast!! I can also save you a drive and Remotely fix most of these problems. (Instructions for How to use Remote Service at bottom of page)     
* New home or office Computer & Network installations
* Desktop PC & Notebook Repairs, Preventive Maintenance & Upgrades
* Slow PC - Boot Failure - Spyware (Popups) & (Malware) Removal
* Virus Removal & Preventive measures from future infections
* Custom Built Computers, Intel i7 Core or Athlon 6 Duo Core Systems
* (WiFi) Secure Wireless Internet access installations, WPA2 Encryption
* Repeater / range extender installations for wireless networks - 802.11G/N
* Network installations - Troubleshooting, Ethernet cable runs, Static IP
* Data Recovery, Password Reset - Clean installation of Windows or Linux
* Outlook, Thunderbird - Email account Transfer, Troubleshooting
* Supported operating systems - Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 / 8
* Hard Drive imaging, Data Backup & Restore, Data Transfer, File Servers
* Multi Function Printer installations, Standard, Networked or Wireless
* Modems, Routers, Switches, Hubs, Print Servers, Firewalls & Security
* Windows Service packs, Patch Management, System Optimization
* New DSL or Cable Internet Access Installations, Slingbox setup
* Learn how to use your PC, Email, Upload Photos, FTP, scan for viruses
* VoIP (internet phone) over a high speed internet connection
*We offer much more just ask!!
How to Use Remote Services
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